England… no, Wales… no, England…

Want to know something completely useless?  There is a road in the United Kingdom which has a property that no other road in the UK has, and that is that it straddles two countries along its length.  Its name is Boundary Lane and it’s in Saltney just outside of Chester.

Click here to see it on Google Maps

On this road, all the houses on the east side of Boundary Ln (and all the roads off it) are in England, and all the houses on the west side are in Wales.  This is curious enough, until you realise that Boundary Ln has a School sign at its entrance on the junction with the A5104 that is in English and Welsh, but the sign itself is in England.  Probably the only road sign in England that has Welsh on it!

Which begs one question … which BDUK project paid for the FTTC twin on cabinet 151 down that road? The answer appears to be (according to the sticker on the cabinet) Superfast Cymru* …

Update: Have now driven up and down this road for real.

* Did we ever find out which ISP had the best biscuits?