Why I hate computers, part 335,123,232

When it comes to computers in my house, it never rains but it pours.  Microsoft released their monthly Patch Tuesday updates on 8 November 2016, which I duly installed and rebooted, and turned the computer off.  When I turned it on the following day, the computer failed to boot.  It didn’t even get as far as the blue Windows logo that appears when you try to boot Windows 10.  “Very odd”, I thought, “I wonder what caused that?” and went to do some digging.

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Review: Mayonnaise

A common question I’m never asked on a regular basis is: “What sort of mayonnaise should I put on my burger?”  So in an effort to answer this clearly important question, I have decided in this blog post to review two common mayonnaises that I put on my burgers (between the burger and the bottom of the bread roll, if you must know) which are both available from a leading brand of supermarket close to where I live.

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Non-domain MIT Kerberos logins on Windows 10

Note: The article here requires features that don’t appear to come with the Home edition of Windows 10, such as the Group Policy Editor.  These steps may well work on previous versions of Windows, but I haven’t tried it out on them.  This article assumes you’re familiar with setting up and administrating an MIT Kerberos KDC and password server.

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