LACNIC crashes through the ‘final /8’ barrier in style

LACNIC crashed through the ‘final /8’ barrier in style yesterday by allocating a smashing 2,368,512 IPv4 addresses in just one day (0.141 /8s).  This brings the total left to around 0.87 /8s as of today, and this really does signficantly reduce the time needed to reach exhaustion (which in LACNIC’s case will be when they reach the final /10, or 0.25 /8s).

Most of the addresses allocated yesterday went to Brazil, the biggest block of 1,048,576 (/12) addresses going to Tim Celular S.A. in Brazil.  Other notable blocks include 2 x 262,144 addresses (/14)  and 6 x 131,072 (/15) going also to Tim Celular at the same time.  All the others are blocks of 1,024 and 2,048 (/22 and /21) so are relatively insignificant.

All blocks apart from two were allocated to Brazil, apart from one /22 which went to Colombia and another /22 went to Costa Rica.

It won’t take many more allocations like this to bring exhaustion very very close now.  Are there any other ISPs or mobile phone companies need more addresses in the near future, I wonder?