Review: IPv4 “Significant Announcement” ceremony and press conference

So now we know what blocks of IPv4 look like.  They’re glass!  Today was the live webcast of the Numbering Resource Organisation‘s “Significant Announcement” ceremony from some hotel in Florida, USA.  Each of the Regional Internet Registries were awarded a commemorative glass block and some kind of large white certificate as they were each given their final /8 allocation of 16,777,216 IPv4 addresses.  Each award was followed by a speech, the quality of which (in my opinion at least) fared from ‘appalling’ to ‘not that good’.  This was followed by a press conference in which I understand the questions were not that great, and in some cases answered inaccurately.  So I’m expecting a whole raft of wrong news articles tomorrow.

Now we can say they are all gone.  They truly are.  You can check the official list – they really are all allocated!  Goodbye and thanks for all the fish…

Update: The actual ceremony and press conference are on YouTube now – announcement and press conference.