FreeSWITCHover Update

In my last post, I talked about “The Great FreeSWITCHover” happening this weekend.  So here is a status update:

  • All the live numbers are now moved onto FreeSWITCH (fs for short) and the phone rings (which is always a good start)
  • Incoming and outgoing calls work
  • Voicemail for external numbers works
  • Conference bridge set up (but not allocated to any external numbers yet)

So, a good start.  As far as I know, there is nothing left to do which will stop me making and receiving phone calls, so the switchover has been relatively painless.  What’s left to do now is to find a way of doing all the fiddly but non-essential features that I can do as and when I’ve got time.  Although the most urgent of these is to be able to change the outgoing caller ID to any one of my numbers, but hopefully that shouldn’t take too long to implement.

All in all, a big success so far and I think I can now officially say that Asterisk has been fired!  Goodbye and thanks for all the fish…