Review: Mayonnaise

A common question I’m never asked on a regular basis is: “What sort of mayonnaise should I put on my burger?”  So in an effort to answer this clearly important question, I have decided in this blog post to review two common mayonnaises that I put on my burgers (between the burger and the bottom of the bread roll, if you must know) which are both available from a leading brand of supermarket close to where I live.

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Comet and gone

Today marks the final closing down sales of the UK electrical chain Comet which has, as I write this, has or is about to pull down the shutters on the remaining 49 stores which were open for the final time today before closing down for good.  Whilst obviously it’s sad that so many jobs have been lost, Comet probably wasn’t going to survive long term because there was basically no room for them any more, sandwiched as they were between Dixons Group (owners of Currys/PC World) and the supermarkets, both of which are now selling the cheap electrical goods of the type that Comet was, and so it had to go, in an environment radically different from the original Comet Battery Stores of the 1930s.  Not to mention of course the constant financial problems the company seems to have had in recent years.

RIP Comet Group Ltd (in administration) 1933-2012