Review: Waitrose

Why am I reviewing a supermarket, you might ask?  Well, yesterday was the grand opening of the new Aylesbury store, so I thought I’d pop along and see what it was like.  The supermarket is around 21,000 sq ft so not too big and not too small either.   The building is brand new and has a car park above it, owned by the district council, which is a bit of a pain if you drive to the shops since it means you have to pay £1 per hour (max 2 hours) to park there and then spend at least £10 to get your parking fee back from the store.

There are plenty of checkouts, and some a few self-service tills, and a few “quick pay” ones for those people who want one of their credit cards.  I didn’t get time to try out the cafe, but it looks quite nice, so I might grab a “free coffee on production of your loyalty card” sometimes and give it a go.

There’s all the usual meat, cheese and other counters available.  I thought the counters were a bit small, but I wasn’t really looking very hard as I was in a hurry buying a few items on the way round.

Despite it being a relatively small store compared to (say) the big Tesco store in the town, it did have a small range of non-food items which is nice.  The aisles are quite wide, and the prices don’t seem amazingly worse than any of the other major supermarkets I’ve been to, as long as you stick to the “essentials” range.

So, all in all, only a quick visit to the store, but I think I liked it, and the staff seem friendly and helpful, as you’d expect from John Lewis.  Maybe I’ll do a weekly shop there next time I need to go shopping and see what it’s like properly then.