Who invented Brexit?

Today I went to visit the Museum of London, which is just round the corner from the Barbican.  What I was actually there for was to see a bit of the BT Connected Earth collection, of which there was a small part there including a K2 phone box, a few old mobile phones and a line card from the UK’s first ever digital exchange to enter service, called the Empress (because it was installed at the Empress trunk exchange in London, having been developed by the GPO Dollis Hill research centre in the 1960s).

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Review: A5 Dunstable Northern Bypass

Never one to shy away from an exciting review, in this article I’ll be describing the thrills and spills of doing the speed limit down one of Bedfordshire’s newest trunk roads, the highway formerly known as the A5-M1 Link Road. but is now just called the A5 after the old road south of the start point was handed to Central Bedfordshire UA and Hertfordshire County Council and renamed to A505/A5183.  Apart from being a road, it has one purpose, and that’s avoiding Dunstable (and who would want to argue with that?)  The road opened in the summer, but this is the first excuse I’ve had to drive it, which promised to take me all the way to M1.

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For those of you that read my last article, you’ll know that I had to turn the power management off on the PCI slots to make my sound card work properly.  Well tonight I’ve been comparing the new WASAPI drivers vs the ASIO drivers on my RME HDSP9632 sound card using SONAR Platinum, and the effective latency results were quite surprising:

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Why I hate computers, part 335,123,232

When it comes to computers in my house, it never rains but it pours.  Microsoft released their monthly Patch Tuesday updates on 8 November 2016, which I duly installed and rebooted, and turned the computer off.  When I turned it on the following day, the computer failed to boot.  It didn’t even get as far as the blue Windows logo that appears when you try to boot Windows 10.  “Very odd”, I thought, “I wonder what caused that?” and went to do some digging.

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Review: Mayonnaise

A common question I’m never asked on a regular basis is: “What sort of mayonnaise should I put on my burger?”  So in an effort to answer this clearly important question, I have decided in this blog post to review two common mayonnaises that I put on my burgers (between the burger and the bottom of the bread roll, if you must know) which are both available from a leading brand of supermarket close to where I live.

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