Review: Whole (“blue top”) milk

The other day, I went to the supermarket to do the weekly shop as usual, but they’d run out of semi-skimmed milk (“green top”) which is about 2% fat), so I had to buy whole milk (“blue top”) which is 3.5%-4% fat, and I hadn’t bought for ages.

And so, the following morning, I got up as usual, reached for a bowl and put a handful of corn flakes in it, poured some milk into the bowl and sprinkled a bit of sugar on them, and started to eat them.  I’d forgotten just how nice corn flakes tasted with “unskimmed” milk!  (OK, not quite as nice as when the milkman delivered the milk bottles and you got a bit of the “cream”  on the top, but still pretty nice. If you want that you can still buy 8% fat “gold top” milk still at the supermarket.)

So the question is … do I buy whole milk next week, or go back to the decidely-inferior-on-corn-flakes semi-skimmed?  Decisions, decisions…

Likes: Tastes great.  Also nice in coffee.
Dislikes: Makes you fat(ter)

Rating: 9 out of 10
(Corn flakes with “gold top” milk would be rated at least 11 out of 10, if I had any in the fridge)