HTML mail revisited

So, I’ve been using HTML mail for a while, as you may have gathered from a previous post, but there’s one thing nagging me about it – the HTML email signature is a bit too ‘busy’ for my liking (especially with the full-colour 64×64 image I had in it).  If you write a relatively boring email with a full-colour logo in the signature, that somehow makes the signature look out-of-place somehow.  But then again, a plain text email signature looks a bit too boring.  I could go for the ‘inbetween’ method, which is a ‘boring’ signature but in HTML, but that doesn’t seem to serve any sensible purpose either way.

So, for now, I’ll think I’ll go back to using a ‘boring’ signature for now – at least that way Thunderbird manages to send the mail entirely plain text only if there are no HTML elements in it – which suits me fine.  Then if I must use HTML, then it can do it on an as-needed basis.

Answers or comments on a postcard please … (or in the comments section)