Going Postal Social

I was fortunate/unfortunate (please delete as applicable) enough to receive an invite to Google+ yesterday.  I thought (even though I eventually cancelled my account on its competitor) it would be fair to give it a try, to see what it was like and whether it would be better than “the other social network”.

I quite like the concept of “circles” in G+ (and something I’m sure that “the other site” will be emulating fairly quickly) in that it appears possible to restrict certain postings to certain people – as long as there aren’t any bugs in the G+ code, I suppose.  One more thing that I like about G+ is that it seems a lot “simpler”.  As far as I can see, you can’t install apps into it, which for me is a plus because (talking to my various social networking friends) is one of the big distractions.  As you might expect, it’s quite closely tied in with other Google services and I can’t find a way to change my primary email address to my “proper” one (unlike my gmail one which I hardly ever use)

So… first impressions are okay, but obviously time will tell whether this (a) becomes really popular and (b) what the privacy implications are.  And I still need to read the terms and conditions properly…