ARIN Watch: 1 July 2015

Today is the day!

ARIN have announced today that the first applicant to ask for a block of IPv4 addresses that cannot be fulfilled has been processed, and therefore the Waiting List has been activated.  You can find the official announcement here.

As of this morning (UK time), there are just 59 /23s and 437 /24s left to be allocated in the pool, a total of 142,080 addresses left.  These are likely to be gone in a matter of weeks too.  Returned blocks and any futher IANA distributions may be added to this pool, so may go up as well as down, but effectively today is the end of any LIR hoping to get a block of addresses larger than a /23.

ARIN Watch: 29 June 2015

Well, “today wasn’t the day” (see last Friday’s post) but ARIN have today published a new blog entry indicating that exhaustion is imminent.  Astonishing at it is, it was a bit of a slow day on Friday, but tomorrow could be the day.  It really is that close.  As of now, there are 88 /23s left and 440 /24s left, a grand total of 157,696 addresses, which is just over a /17 worth of space.  If today isn’t the day (which we shall find out early tomorrow morning UK time), then it’s going to be very very soon.  Keep watching this space…

ARIN Watch: 26 June 2015

Is today the day?

As of this morning, there were 164,096 remaing IPv4 addresses in ARIN’s pool, comprised of 101 /23s and 439 /24s.  This is somewhere between a /17 and /16, if expressed as contiguous space.  Given that on an average day, ARIN can easily allocate this amount, it’s likely that today all of this address space could be allocated, or one of the applicants in the queue opts to join the waiting list.  In either scenario, it’s game over.   At the time of writing, there is just over half an hour before ARIN closes for the day, so very soon we’ll find out whether today was the day or not.  Watch this space…


ARIN Watch: 20 June 2015

Yesterday, ARIN allocated a /13 to Time Warner Cable (formerly Road Runner).  This has reduced the ARIN pool from 0.11 /8s to 0.07 /8s.  There are now only about 1.17 million addresses left, and exhaustion could be declared at any time if someone in the queue has asked for a big block and opts to go on the waiting list.  Watch this space…

ARIN Watch: 5 June 2015

A major milestone has possibly been reached today at ARIN.  Looking at the IPv4 blocks still available according to their web site, there are now no contiguous blocks available between /12 and /20.  This means that if anyone has an application in for a block larger than a /21 and smaller than a /11, the /11 is going to get split into a /12 and one or more /13 to /20 blocks.  Currently they are down to 0.14 /8s free, and this is certainly bringing the point where an ARIN member opts to go on the waiting list that much closer forward.

If, of course, the /11 is requested (though fairly unlikely), this is going to wipe 0.125 /8s off the free pool and will leave ARIN with very little left to allocate to anyone.

Update: ARIN have now confirmed on their web site that the /11 has been split into blocks /12 and smaller.

ARIN Watch: 11 October 2014

Here are the allocations made yesterday by ARIN which were larger than a /24:

Cerner Corporation – /16
BraveWay LLC – /21
Cybernet Communications Inc – /22
RTC Communications Corp – /22
Southern Ohio Communication Services – /22
IVDesk Minnesota Inc – /23

There were three /24s issued.  Some blocks were returned.

The next ARIN Watch will be on Tuesday.  We finish the week with 0.63 /8s remaining.

ARIN Watch: 10 October 2014

Here are the IPv4 allocations made by ARIN yesterday which were larger than a /24:

Video Direct Satellite & Entertainment – /21 – /21
adMarketplace Inc – /22
Delaware County Community College – /22
Orion Broadband – /23

There were two /24s issued.  Some blocks were returned.

ARIN Watch: 8 October 2014

Here are the IPv4 ranges allocated by ARIN yesterday which were larger than a /24:

Time Warner Cable Internet LLC – 3 x /15
Astound Broadband LLC – /16
Roya Hosting LLC – /18
Illinois Institute of Technology – /19
InnSys Inc – /19
Bermuda Cablevision – /21
Cinergy Metronet Inc – /21
Hudson Fiber Network Inc – /21
Metroplex Communications Inc – /21
Altius Broadband LLC – /22
Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Limited – /22
Cable Axion Digitel Inc – /22
Granite Telecommunications LLC – /22
High Speed Utah LLC – /22
Shentel Service Company – /22
Interactions Corp – /23
Motion Industries Inc – /23 – /23

There were five /24s allocated.  Some blocks were returned.

ARIN Watch: 7 October 2014

Here are the IPv4 allocations made yesterday by ARIN which were larger than a /24:

Le Groupe Videotron Ltee – /17
Sharktech – /18
Lightower Fiber Networks – /19 LLC – /19
Server Network Technologies Inc – /19
Virtuzo – /19
Vivid LLC – /19
AIRVM Inc – /20
Klayer – /20
Purevoltage Enterprises Inc – /21 – /22
Celltex Networks LLC – /22
Colosseum Online Inc – /22
Mercury Wireless LLC- /22
Names To Go Inc – /22
Network Innovations Inc – /22
PCD Network Solutions – /22
Hershey Cooperative Telephone Co – /23
TeleFlex Networks LLC – /23

There was one /24 issued.  Some blocks were returned.