Review: Tesco Bread Sauce

Had to buy a different brand of bread sauce last week since my usual brand was either out of stock or they’ve stopped selling it.  So I thought I’d give the “house brand” a try.

First impressions were, well, about average – it was a rather finer powder than the other stuff, and I wasn’t that enamoured with the ingredients list – celery powder?!  But I measured out half a pint of milk, brought it to the boil and mixed the powder in as per the instructions, then simmered it for a few minutes.

I found the sauce to be very smooth (which is not necessarily a good thing in my book), but the overpowering taste of celery in the sauce really put me off.  All in all, it tasted quite bland, and too much celery and onion taste.  And it wasn’t very thick.  A rather disappointing bread sauce overall, but not entirely inedible either.  But I probably won’t be buying that again if I can help it.

Rating: 3 out of 10
Comments: Need to do better, Tesco!